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Why is it that we increasingly find that making a choice about lighting is far more visceral than intellectual?  Is it the connection of seeing a vision completed with the right fixture making the whole picture fall into place? Is it the  intuitive “knowing” that the last piece of the design puzzle has been achieved? We believe its a combination of factors. Head and heart working together. To choose a piece without taking into consideration the scale would be short sighted. Harmony of the aesthetic and the practical should be the desired goal.  But ultimately there is nothing like that moment you experience every time you view your decision, “yes, that’s it, that’s just what I wanted”.

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You can now browse our formerly printed catalogs, online! By using Issuu.com, we’ve integrated our catalogs seamlessly into our website so that viewers can literally flip through the pages of each collection and price list without downloading any files. It’s easy, interactive and actually quite fun to look through each publication. From this new app you can also download, e-mail and print specific pages — making it easier for designers to share images and information with clients.

Click here to check it out! See the screen shots below of what they look like on our site.

Screenshot of our virtual catalogScreenshot of catalogs on website

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Did you know we have one of the largest collections of original vintage fixtures? Our restoration team diligently and delicately works to return fixtures to their original condition. Here is a recent project with several of our vintage fixtures that were installed in a residence.  In addition, our restoration team made a new custom island fixture to comliment the circa 1870-1880’s original gas chandelier.  Notice how the fixtures works seamlessly together in this modern yet classic dinning area.

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