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Why is it that we increasingly find that making a choice about lighting is far more visceral than intellectual?  Is it the connection of seeing a vision completed with the right fixture making the whole picture fall into place? Is it the  intuitive “knowing” that the last piece of the design puzzle has been achieved? We believe its a combination of factors. Head and heart working together. To choose a piece without taking into consideration the scale would be short sighted. Harmony of the aesthetic and the practical should be the desired goal.  But ultimately there is nothing like that moment you experience every time you view your decision, “yes, that’s it, that’s just what I wanted”.

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Located in the Village of Kinlough, Country of Letrim this charming new home overlooks Donegal Bay and is surrounded by two streams, foxglove and sheep.  The exterior is all reclaimed stone from old cottages and sheds.  This home is nearing completion and has been a labor of love for it’s owner, an Arizona native, who bought the property while on vacation 5 years ago.

Our Mission Four-Rod Pendants light the kitchen with 30 ft. ceilings and our Buffalo Grove Four-Light Fixture illuminates the dining room.  The light fixtures are custom wired for the UK.

Note the intriguing  interior stone wall which the owner calls a “Famine” wall, as it was based on  falling down famine cottages (built during Ireland’s Great Famine 1845-1849) found in the surrounding countryside.

More photos and full story to come when home is complete.

Ireland Kitchen and Stove

Exterior of Ireland HouseInterior Wall

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